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Bridesmaid Outraged The Bride Only Shared 10 Pictures. Is She Right?

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From the Reddit wedding drama forums comes a discussion about expectations and reality on photos for the wedding party. Read and weigh in on this wedding dilemma.

Weddings are a day filled with memories, emotions, and plenty of professional pictures. But what happens when a bride only shares a few images with her bridesmaids? That’s what happened to this bridesmaid who took to Reddit to talk it out.

The 10-Image Dilemma

A group of bridesmaids reported feeling frustrated and disappointed after receiving only a limited selection of photos from a friend’s wedding they had participated in recently.

According to one, all the bridesmaids spent considerable time and money on hair and makeup and being part of the photo shoot for hours. However, the bride only sent each of the bridesmaids ten photos, half of which were duplicate group shots.

The bridesmaids noted that in previous weddings they had been part of, the bride would typically send the entire album from the photographer. Still, this friend was known for withholding photos where she didn’t believe she looked perfect.

Despite acknowledging that the bride wasn’t obligated to share photos with them, the bridesmaids expressed their disappointment in not seeing all the memories from the special day. Here is how the internet responded.

It’s Unreasonable

One user stated that it’s unreasonable to expect the bride to provide the bridesmaids with access to the entire photo album, especially considering the cost of the wedding photos.

They added that the bride should feel confident and optimistic about every photo she shares from her wedding. Many in the thread agreed that the bride deserves to choose which images she shares with the world.

The Bride is Not Obligated To Share Anything

A seasoned wedding planner weighed in on the discussion and stated that it is not required for the married couple to share their wedding pictures with anyone. According to the planner, this expectation is strange. It is not something they have come across in their 15 years of experience.

Expecting Photos Is Unusual

Someone said they understand the desire to see the photos but do not view the bride’s decision not to share more as odd. They received many images, and instead of sharing them, they created a photo book and posted some online.

They expressed that while wanting to see the wedding photos is not strange, expecting them and becoming angry when they are not offered by default is considered unusual to them.

No Obligation To Be in the Bridal Party

One former bridesmaid said they had previously been to a wedding where the bride sent individual pictures taken with the bridesmaids.

The person proposed gifting the bridal party with a framed photo as a gracious gesture. However, they considered the bridesmaids’ request for additional pictures as entitled, as they had no obligation to be in the bridal party.

Some Agreed With the Bridesmaids

A few needed clarification about the backlash toward the bridesmaid. One individual had sent their bridal party a link to their wedding photos, including the option to purchase prints, and even took backdrop photos resulting in portraits for many friends and family members.

Having been a bridesmaid four times, this individual stated they had only seen pictures from two of those weddings and was disappointed they were not given access to any photos from the other weddings. Highlighting the value of seeing the fun memories of everyone dressed up for a particular day.

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Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

Finally, it was suggested that the bridesmaids should have asked the bride for access to the photo album or discussed their expectations. They also noted that if the bride was known for withholding pictures, the situation should not surprise the bridesmaids.

What do you think? Do you sympathize with this Reddit bridesmaid, or do you think she’s being absurd?


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