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Tech Soft 3D Products

Software development toolkits for building advanced engineering applications, providing developers with access to fast & and accurate CAD, AEC, and CAE data import and export, high-performance 3D rendering, advanced simulation and analysis, powerful solid and mesh modeling, 3D data publishing, and OEM platforms.

HOOPS Products

HOOPS Exchange

Fast and accurate CAD data translation toolkit

HOOPS Exchange provides all the CAD data interoperability functionality a development team requires to easily build robust CAD data translation into an application. Supported CAD formats include CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Creo, NX, Solid Edge, and many more.

HOOPS Communicator

Dedicated web-based graphics engine

Solve complex challenges with a simple powerful toolkit for advanced 3D web visualization. HOOPS Communicator is a purpose-built graphics kernel for developing standout engineering applications for the web.

HOOPS Visualize

Native 3D rendering engine

HOOPS Visualize enables developers to rapidly render stunning graphics across both mobile and desktop platforms. As the preferred 3D rendering engine in hundreds of successful applications, HOOPS Visualize will give you the technology you need, supported by a team you can trust.

HOOPS Luminate

Photo-realistic rendering

The HOOPS Luminate C++ library equips developers with a comprehensive set of tools and features for advanced rendering, enabling them to create visually stunning interactive 3D applications across different platforms and industries.

HOOPS Publish

3D data publishing and more

Web and mobile technology, new standards, and free readers have changed how people expect to consume data. They want to get the data out of the applications that they use, and view that data from the application throughout the product lifecycle. HOOPS Publish enables your application to publish 3D data in a number of different ways, including as native 3D PDF, HTML and also in a variety of standard CAD formats.

CEETRON Products


Toolkit for accessing CAE data

Designed for universal reading and writing of CAE data through a unique programming interface and its underlying FEM model. CEETRON Access allows developers to gain access to Ansys, Abaqus, Nastran, H3D, LS-Dyna, Fluent, openFOAM, and many more popular file formats.


Reliable mesh generation

Dependable, comprehensive 2D & 3D meshing component for building CAE applications. This powerful CAE toolkit provides reliability with precise arithmetic predicate technology and unparalleled boundary recovery.


Build and solve FEM models

Utilize this multitask SDK for accelerating the implementation of CAE simulation applications by providing an engineer-friendly framework to both define and solve FEM models.

CEETRON Envision

CAE analysis and visualization for web and desktop

An all-in-one toolkit for CAE data import, analysis, visualization, reporting and automation. This developer tool provides high-performance analysis tools for both desktop and native web applications.

Autodesk OEM Platforms

Autodesk AutoCAD OEM

Harness the power of AutoCAD OEM

AutoCAD OEM enables software developers to quickly add CAD functionality to their development projects utilizing the powerful AutoCAD engine.

Autodesk Inventor OEM

Quickly build mechanical and manufacturing applications

This white label version of Autodesk’s mechanical CAD application, Autodesk Inventor provides a development platform for developers looking to create a specialized 3D mechanical CAD product.

Autodesk RealDWG

Reliable DWG and DXF file access

The RealDWG toolkit offers full access to all 2D and 3D data including the Design, Geometry, Structure, Text, and Metadata associated with a DWG file.


Siemens Parasolid

3D Geometric modeling kernel 

Siemens Parasolid provides advanced operations for authoring, editing, optimizing, querying, and representing 3D geometric models.


Toolkit for processing polygonal meshes

Polygonica by MachineWorks provides essential 3D meshing functionality including automatic mesh repair, offsetting, model simplification, and more.