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Tech Soft 3D VIPs

Tech Soft 3D is pleased to present the launch of our VIP program. This is an exclusive program designed to recognize the shining stars of our community and their contributions. Tech Soft 3D’s VIPs share their extensive knowledge of Tech Soft 3D products online, at coding events, and conferences to enrich user’s skill sets and inspire passion around Tech Soft’s SDKs.

Meet the VIPs
Dave Calkins
Software Architect, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
James Truax
Senior Research Engineer, ThermoAnalytics
Jens Mueller
Software Engineer and Entrepreneur
Liyona Bonakdar
Software Developer, Simcon
Rajesh Bhartiya
Founder & CEO, ProtoTech Solutions & Services
Shawn Golden
Quality Assurance Specialist and Software Package Engineer , Microvellum
How to Become a VIP

Tech Soft 3D VIPs are chosen annually. The criteria to be a VIP are as follows:

Must be a registered member of the Tech Soft 3D forum
Passionate about engaging with Tech Soft 3D products
A desire to share knowledge with the wider community
Contribute to the community via forum, blogs, or events

If you think that someone you know is a good VIP candidate, you can nominate them via our nomination form.

Nominate Someone

Benefits of Becoming a VIP

Some of the benefits of our program include:

  • Exclusive events with Tech Soft 3D executives

  • Access to private online spaces within Tech Soft 3D

  • Industry recognition through digital VIP badge for your online profile

  • Opportunities for leadership within the community via blogs, podcasts, videos, and speaking engagements

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us via email at

Nominate a Candidate

Please note that candidates may not nominate themselves. All nominations are considered and evaluated by the Tech Soft 3D community team annually.