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Unified interoperability SDK for CAE file formats

CEETRON Access is designed for universal reading and writing of CAE data through a unique programming interface and its underlying FEM model. Gain instant access to Ansys, Abaqus, Nastran, H3D, LS-Dyna, Fluent, openFOAM and many more popular file formats.

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Market-Leading CAE Interoperability SDK

CEETRON Access is a vendor-neutral SDK that allows you to enhance your development efficiency. Gone are the days of developing and maintaining readers and writers in-house. Speed up your time to market and reduce your support costs by writing code once and instantly reading and writing a wide range of industry-standard CAE file formats.

Features & Benefits

The CEETRON Access software development kit (SDK) empowers development teams to easily add reading and writing capabilities to a CAE application, immediately expanding its interoperability with popular simulation tools.

Broadest Format Coverage
The toolkit supports accessing and writing data from and to market-leading proprietary CAE software packages, as well as open-source applications and general-purpose formats. Currently 30+ formats can be read, and 10+ formats can be written.
Being vendor-neutral – i.e. not a competitor - Tech Soft 3D is in a unique position to openly communicate with the simulation package providers to ensure updates and format changes most efficiently.
Expand Your CAE Market
With limited effort, CEETRON Access opens your application to a broader public of CAE engineers. Being compatible with 30+ industry standards such as Ansys, Nastran, Abaqus, Fluent and Open Foam, your product becomes fully operational in the standard workflows of end-user organizations.
Solver-Backed Quality Check
To ensure the quality of the data that CEETRON Access conveys, Tech Soft 3D relies on its internal solvers to make sure that not only the data is right, but that it also produces the same results time after time.

Meshes, Results & So Much More

CEETRON Access operates on an internal universal FEM data model that goes beyond geometry and fields. The toolkit also provides auxiliary model information such as global properties, element physical properties, material properties, function properties, solution properties, loads, constraints, multipoint constraints, initial condition cases, contact surfaces, analytic surfaces and units.

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